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Considered as the golden age of the internet in the early 2000s; Do you remember the indispensable game hosted by the Windows XP operating system? Yes, as you may recall from the title, Mahjong unleashed a generation's passion for puzzles. If we open the door a little to examine the main theme of the game; You have to complete all the tiles on the screen in a limited time by matching mahjong tiles with different kinds of symbols. It may sound ridiculous when we compare it with today's huge gaming technology, but if you want to try the game, we want to give a warning: Attention! It can be addictive.

Mahjong Dark Dimension More Time

Before revealing the title, we would like to give a little more information about the game. Mahjong is a puzzle game that was first played in China. In this game, which was played solo in its first version, as we mentioned at the beginning of our article, there are various symbols on the mahjong stones on the screen. When you match these symbols in direct proportion to each other within the specified time, you win the episode. Although we try to explain it as soon as our language is back, you have to experience this game. Now let's examine the concept of more time in the mahjong game. This concept, which is called "more time" in translation from English to our language; It has become fun with the update of the mahjong game. It has three times more time than before and you need to combine 2 bonus tiles for extra time. Please note that the more time feature is currently only available for the Mahjong Dark Dimension version.

Although Mahjong Games was released in two different versions as free and premium, it soon gained the attention of the whole world and was purchased by many companies for distribution under license. When you start researching the game in a little more detail on the internet, you may come across names such as mahjong 247 and 247 mahjong. In these versions, unlike the main version of the game, there are changes in the duration and the designs of the stones. Don't let these names mislead you because; The mysterious charm of the old Mahjong still continues.

Mahjong Dark Dimensions MSN

When Mahjong started to appear online on the MSN platform, it quickly gained a lot of attention. Even former MSN users will agree with us; most friendships were strengthened with this mahjong game played on MSN. However, when we look at today's internet age, we are clearly convinced that there is no one around us who uses MSN anymore. So, where will we play the game most stable with the MSN platform vanishing into history? At this point, we would like to introduce you to a game site that reminds you of nostalgia like mahjong. You can play free mahjong and many games with great pleasure on this website, which serves under the name of Game Distribution.

While we were talking about the mahjong charm that has been going on since our childhood, we went back a bit. As we come to the end of our article, if you have never played before, we definitely recommend you to play.